Wing and a Prayer Rescue



Wing and a Prayer Rescue was started in September 2012 by Jackie Balfour and Fi McGravie who wanted to give ex-commercial laying hens a better life.


We feel strongly that they deserve to live out the rest of their lives in comfort and in loving, forever homes. We are funded entirely by ourselves and our volunteers, from our own pockets and by small fundraising activities. We do not gain financially from our rescues. We do it for the love of the hens.

























Commercial egg production farms, be them battery, barn or free range, ‘depopulate’ their premises when these hens are only around 18 months old. At this age it is no longer commercially viable for the farmer to keep the hens, so they are sent to slaughter, despite them still laying well.


We source hens from farms that are due to ‘depopulate’ and negotiate a price with the farmer to secure their release. We advertise in advance to secure forever, loving homes for these hens and ask for a donation per hen to cover our costs. Hens are brought to our 'Henquarters' premises in Edinburgh where they have a chance to explore, relax and are given a health check by our volunteers. They also receive any Veterinary treatment that they may require, and during their stay are fed quality, nutritious food and supplements suitable for laying hens. Our re-homers then arrive to collect their new hens and take them home for the start of their new lives.


We vet any potential rehomers before offering them hens.  Once approved, we ask them to agree to our terms and conditions of rehoming.  We offer a lifetime of support for owners and we are always on hand to offer help and advice should they need it.  Should any of our rehomers need to return their hens for any reason, we will happily take them back.