Wing and a Prayer Rescue

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A caged hen is given the floor space allowance of less than an A4 sheet of paper to live her entire life…


Wing and a Prayer Rescue are a hen rescue based in Central Scotland who work hard to re-home commercial laying hens, such as caged, barn and free range.


Wing and a Prayer Rescue was started in September 2012 by small group of people who wanted to give ex-commercial laying hens a better life. 'WAAP' strongly feel that all chickens deserve to live out the rest of their lives in comfort and in loving, forever homes. They are funded entirely by donations, fundraising activities and often out of their own pockets.  There is no financial gain from the rescue work, they do it for the love of the hens.


There are rehoming points all across Scotland and rescues are planned as often as possible, usually every 4-6 weeks. For up to date information see the FAQ page and follow us on Facebook!